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2x Hakutatz 576 LED Panels

Hakutatz 576 Pack of 2 LED Lighting Panels

An Overview:

this is a great LED lighting kit for anybody looking for easy to use continuous lighting. The LED panel has a light output of 576 bulbs creating a powerful lighting effect. You can also adjust the colour temperature from 3200k-5600k giving you more lighting options for shoots. A great addition to this kit is a wireless trigger where you can control both the power of the light and temperature remotely. With multiple channel options, you can also sync up other LED lights to one transmitter and control everything from that trigger.

this is the perfect addition for anybody looking for easy to use lighting. Whether its smaller product photography, skype interviews, weddings, YouTube, blogging or portrait photography this LED panel is the perfect choice.

SOLID ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION: This LED panel has 576 durable LED bulbs, with a colour temperature range from 3200k-5600k. It is made of strong aluminium alloy whilst maintaining its lightweight features. The strength in the build quality will make it extra reliable to use whether in the studio or on location.

FULL WIRELESS REMOTE COMPATIBILITY: This LED panel kit comes with a wireless remote allowing you to change the power settings and colour temperature wirelessly. You can also sync up multiple LED panels to one wireless remote and control the settings of each light through one wireless transmitter.

MULTIPLE USER OPTIONS: This is a great option for anybody looking to take pictures of small product photography or portraits. You can also use this for professional videography and filmmaking making it more convenient for your work.

LARGE LCD DISPLAY SCREEN: On the back of the LED panel is an LCD display allowing you to accurately adjust both the brightness and colour temperature. This is especially great if using in low light conditions or controlling remotely via the wireless remote.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY: This product comes with one year’s warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period.

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