Lencarta 165cm JumboPara
  • Lencarta 165cm JumboPara
    Lencarta 165cm JumboPara Lencarta 165cm JumboPara Lencarta 165cm JumboPara Lencarta 165cm JumboPara Lencarta 165cm JumboPara

Lencarta 165cm JumboPara

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Do you have a showroom? Can I try the equipment before buying them?
  • We have a showroom at our warehouse in West Yorkshire where you can see and try out our equipment before you buy. You're more than welcome to bring your camera along too. It would be helpful if you could ring to make an appointment, but an appointment isn't essential. Also, we have a number of distributors in different areas.

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Can I use Lencarta lighting equipment in continental Europe?
  • Yes you can. All Lencarta lighting equipment have built in voltage stabilisers, and will automatically adjust to accept mains power of between 180-240 volts. For European customers on the continent, we supply power leads with euro-spec plugs, so there is no need for adapters. Just plug in and use!

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165cm JumboPara

Please watch the video to find out more.

Our new JumboPara is a massive 1.65m diameter parabolic reflector, suitable for use in large studios.
The JumboPara is an extremely versatile professional light shaping tool - in its 'normal' configuration is produces a massive light that's ideal for fashion photography and groups.

By adjusting the distance from the flash head to the reflector (or by fitting a different reflector to the flash head) the light can be changed from spot to flood, or anywhere between these two extremes.

Because of its size it can be used to produce extremely soft light when required, and can be used at a distance when required without sacrificing too much of its softness!

As you can see in the 3rd photo, the JumboPara is fitted with a standard 16mm (5/8") spiggot, allowing it to be used with any modern flash head, not just Lencarta,

As you can see in the 5th photo, the flash head can be rotated if required, to produce various different effects including more light at the top, bottom or one side, and various different reflectors, such as our standard, wide angle and spill kill reflectors can produce a range of different effects too. You can see all our light modifiers here


And if a simple reflector is placed in front of it it produces a beautiful ringflash effect! The reflector in this photo (not included) is our 80cm 5 in 1 reflector. Even more extreme results can be obtained by using larger reflectors.

It comes complete with its own heavy duty wheeled stand,which should be weighted for extra safety. The weight shown in the main photo is not included. It can be taken apart for storage or transport, butmost people prefer to leave it assembled

Diminsions of box: 163x30x18cm
Weight in box: 22kg

Please note that because of the size and weight, this giant parabolic reflector is only suitable for large studios. We can only deliver it to addresses within the UK and we cannot accept returns unless the item is faulty.

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