Lencarta 145 x 200cm Collapsible Mottled Blue/White/Grey Pop Up Folding Background

Lencarta 145 x 200cm Collapsible Mottled Blue/White/Grey Pop Up Folding Background

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145 x 200cm Folding Mottled Blue/White/Grey Collapsible Pop Up Background

Perfect for Portraits, Small Groups and General Purpose Photography

The Lencarta 145 x 200cm Pop Up Mottled Blue/White/Grey Background

Offering freedom and flexibility. This background can be used a traditional photographic background on one side with either the mottled blue and white, or grey and white background, or as a white background with the cover and train fitted.

The background has been bleached absolute white, enough to match white paper making it a crisp and sharp pure white. Green screen backgrounds are typically used in studios for a Chromakey effect. This allows for you to easily remove the background in post-processing, whether for photography or videos use the tool of the professionals

If you’re using a DSLR camera, you can get the background out of focus if required, simply by using a larger aperture and moving your subjects away from the background.

Easy To Use

Printed onto a heavy duty muslin cotton fabric that can be steam ironed - this background allows for 100cm of extension on the floor, allowing full body shots without the need for extensive post processing photoshop work

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Who Is This Perfect For?

  • This background is ideal for everyone who needs wants a more traditional looking portrait background
  • With a simple lighting set up, this is ideal for both photographers and videographers in need of a quick simple solution

The Main Features Of The Cotton Muslin 145 x 200cm Mottled Blue/White/Grey Pop Up Background

  • Crease resistant, seamless one piece background
  • Strong Double Rivetted Steel Structure
  • Fitted With Three Hanging Hooks
  • Can be used with extras such as theTelescopic Background Converter or our patented 3.6m Pneumatic Air Light Stand
  • You can steam iron this background
  • Great for general purpose photography and videography
  • Dyed using colour calibrated dyes
  • Comes with a free complimentary zipped carry bag
  • Use the mottled grey/white background with the train for full length photography

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x 145 X 200cm Collapsible Mottled Blue/White/Grey Pop Up Folding Background
  • 1 x Zipped carry bag

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