Lencarta 110cm RedLine Pro 5-in-1 Reflector

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Lencarta 110cm RedLine Pro 5-in-1 Reflector

  • Brand: Lencarta
  • Stock Code: REF005
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  • £22.99
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Do you have a showroom? Can I try the equipment before buying them?
  • We have a showroom at our warehouse in West Yorkshire where you can see and try out our equipment before you buy. You're more than welcome to bring your camera along too. It would be helpful if you could ring to make an appointment, but an appointment isn't essential. Also, we have a number of distributors in different areas.

    Lencarta Support
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Can I use Lencarta lighting equipment in continental Europe?
  • Yes you can. All Lencarta lighting equipment have built in voltage stabilisers, and will automatically adjust to accept mains power of between 180-240 volts. For European customers on the continent, we supply power leads with euro-spec plugs, so there is no need for adapters. Just plug in and use!

    Lencarta Support
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Lencarta RedLine Pro 110cm 5-in-1 Reflector

This exciting new reflector is part of our Redline Pro Range and has several brand new features.

As you would expect, it has a highly reflective silver side which can be used to create high contrast light on your subject, combined with specular reflections can help emphasise certain parts of your subject. However it also has a gold side, and as testament to Lencarta's aim to continually develop products that offer new ways around old problems,instead of using the more common solid gold reflective material, it is patterned with gold on silver so that it produces a more subtle effect. This also produces a maximum warming of exactly 1000K, in other words, if all of the light that reaches the subject is reflected from the gold side of the reflector, the colour temperature of the light reduces by 1000K.

On the flip side of the reversible wrap you'll find the highly efficient white side which produces a softer, less specular result than the silver side, and then the black side can be used as an absorber, to help create depth and shadow in your subject. You can also use the centre portion as a diffuser, whether to control the effects of sunlight when shooting outdoors or when in the studio can act a diffuser for a flashgun or a studio flash head.

In this image, you can see it being used close up, this is to produce a high level of fill lighting under the chin, lips and nose. If you vary the height at which it is placed, when used in this position, it controls the amount of reflected light that it produces, and the effect can also be varied by using one of the alternative reflective sources, i.e. white, gold or black.

It also comes with a comfortable carrying handle, which not only make it easier to hold it in the required position during your shoot, but each handle also has three threaded screw holes that allow it to be fitted to either a light stand or a tripod. All of this folds with a simple twist into a quarter of its size and packs neatly into the zipped nylon pouch.

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